Pelvic Floor Health

generationsPelvic Floor Dysfunction is rarely discussed due to its sensitive nature, but it can have huge impacts on a person’s life. When the dysfunction is not resolved, it can put a person’s life on hold. Physical Therapy is a nonsurgical approach to rehabilitate problems with bowel, bladder, sexual health, and pain. Our pelvic floor therapists treat a variety of diagnoses, and use several methods and techniques to resolve dysfunction. We will help restore your strength and flexibility, reduce your pain, and get you on the road to recovery.

We can treat a variety of diagnoses and problems such as:
• Urinary incontinence (stress, urge, or mixed)
• Pain preventing or during intercourse
• Pelvic pain, numbness, and/or tingling
• Painful bladder syndrome
• Pain during pregnancy
• Pain after childbirth
• SI joint dysfunction
• Overactive bladder
• Abdominal separation
• Pain during menstrual cycle

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