Sports Medicine

We’re here to help athletes of all levels and ages.

Whatever your sport and level of play, we bring the same passion to treating you as you bring to the game. Our team’s expertise in sports medicine is second to none, and with us on your team, you can be the best athlete you can possibly be. We provide exceptional care for injury prevention, injury rehab, and sports performance.

  • Stay in the Game with Injury Prevention
    We offer specially designed programs unique to each athlete to improve balance, strength, and perfor¬mance. Strengthening your core muscles, as well as the muscles most commonly used in your specific sport, are key to preventing injury.
  • Get Back in Game with Injury Rehab
    Your physical therapist will work with you to restore muscle strength, agility, and balance, so you can return to sport. We teach you ways to modify your physical activity to put less stress on the injured area and guide you toward full recovery. We can even help you get stronger than you were prior to your injury.
  • Performance Training
    How do elite athletes get faster, higher, and stronger? With a smart training program that seeks to maximize performance and minimize injury. Talk to us about our health and performance program and get a coordinated approach to athletic training.

On Site Sports Med and First Aid

We understand the importance of keeping athletes safe while they are performing. That is why we offer onsite sports medicine services which include the following:

  • Basic First Aid
  • Taping
  • Injury Assessment
  • Concussion Assessment
  • Baseline Concussion Testing Using SCAT 5 (Sports Concussion Assessment Tool)

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