“I had a bad limp and couldn’t run, hop or jump when I came in for the first visit. Five weeks with Peak and Dr. Noah and I can do all of that with no problem or pain at all now. My calf is actually stronger and bigger than it was before the injury. Thanks Peak!” – Jason B.


“I can say wholeheartedly that this was extremely beneficial. Compared to when I first arrived here I have regained considerable flexibility and motion in my left ankle as well as strengthened it considerably. Megan and the rest of the team have been absolutely incredible. I appreciated the level of personal interaction and tailoring to my needs. Thumbs up.” – Hannah S.


“When I came in three weeks ago, my shoulders and back were in spasm. I was in great pain. I could barely drive and sleep was impossible as I couldn’t get comfortable. I am now pain free and have a number of exercises to use to maintain. I am very pleased with the therapy and treatment I have received.” Sue W.


“I injured my lower back on the left side while holding my granddaughter. I couldn’t sit, stand or lay without it hurting. I went to have acupuncture and to a chiropractor without success. My first appointment at PEAK Physical Therapy was with Jennell. After the first visit my back felt so much better. I had several follow-up appointments with Tori who gave me various exercises to do to keep my back strengthened and stretched. Tori was always supportive and on every visit she focused on my needs and how I was feeling. She always checked every area of my back and neck to make sure I didn’t feel any pain. She was a pleasure to meet and I would not hesitate to recommend her or the clinic to anyone, which I have already done. I have also made an appointment for my husband. Thank you all so much!” — Shawna N.


“When I first came in I had a lot of neck and back pain. It hurt to even breathe. I had difficulty laying down, getting up and pain when laying flat on my back. I was so happy to find some relief on my first visit! With Tori’s techniques and Janelle’s dry needling I’ve gotten great relief from pain. I feel I’ve learned what I need to do to help continue moving forward to greater health! Very thankful!! Thank you PEAK and crew!” — Billie P.


“Megan is my hero! I had excruciating SI pain and was unable to do just about everything. Within three visits, Megan had me back to myself again. Ready to start lifting weights again and I have been hiking. Thank you for your practical and effective approach!” — Callie J.

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