“I cannot thank Megan Wrigg and the folks at peak physical therapy enough for their professionalism, knowledge, motivation and enthusiasm! I came into Megan in May with a torn acl and no hope of finishing my final spartan race of the year to get the trifecta medal. She was confident, encouraging and determined to get me back to where I was and I finished my third race this December!
Every person at Peak was friendly, fun and always encouraging . I could not have had a more positive experience and I am so thankful for everything they have done!”
– Kristin C


“I love the staff at Peak. I’ve had other physical therapists in the past but the folks at Peak truly care about their clients and this is something that is very apparent. The staff is fantastic! I personally learned so much from the staff at Peak and I’m so thankful that they helped me and motivated me to help myself!! “ – August L


“I selected Peak due to a referral from a friend and have not been at all disappointed. Everyone there is phenomenal and the energy is contagious. I’ve noticed marked improvements since starting a month or so ago. I would recommend Peak tell I’m blue in the face. I’m glad I made the choice I did. “ Katie H


“There is no judgement; you are accepted as you are. Everyone in the faculty watches over you to make sure you are doing good! I felt like I had a team of people cheering me on through a time that was both emotionally and physically challenging. I never felt like I was in “trouble” if I didn’t understand something. They just genuinely want to help everyone. I will always channel the good feeling being at Peak makes me feel when I need a little positivity. The staff are great role models – there is nothing bad that can be said about Peak! “ — Manda A


“I was totally against PT because it seemed they would give you a copy of an exercise to do and send you on your way and then charge an enormous amount. Then I went to Peak PT and they changed my mind forever. The people at Peak PT are truly caring people. No matter your problem they do what ever it takes to make you feel better. They show so much kindness to everyone. I recommend them to everyone in need. Thanks Again Peak PT!!! ” — Sandy W.


“I came into Peak Physical Therapy with a constant headache and a backache I could never get rid of 5 weeks later I haven’t had a headache or a backache and several days I’m back to hiking cutting wood and enjoying life again these people are phenomenal!! Thank you so much for listening and providing exceptional care I cannot thank you enough.” — Wayne R

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