Complimentary Pain Consultation

Complimentary Pain Consultation to Help You

What if there was some way that you could find out what it was that was impacting on your health and what you could do to remedy that? Well, we offer such a service. If you know that there are areas of your health that need to be addressed, but you are not quite sure what it is that needs to be done, our complimentary pain consultation could be just the thing to provide you with the necessary road-map for your future therapy.

Everything that we do is aimed at helping you to live a more healthy life. We want you to get better and to stay better, so we develop a full personally tailored program targeted at the problems which you are experiencing and the solutions that we recommend to handle those.

When you are taking your first steps towards your recovery we offer a complimentary consultation with a licensed physical therapist to give you an idea of how we can move forward in the treatment of your pain and to enlighten you on what therapeutic options are available to you. We know that this is really useful in helping to handle some of the confusion that patients come to us with.

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These consultations, though not a comprehensive initial evaluation, are something we have found to be very valuable for giving our patients a broad idea of where they stand and how they need to move forward.

We know it can sometimes be difficult to know what to do next, and that some of the information that you might normally receive can be somewhat confusing – our aim is to remove that confusion and to empower you in your own treatment by making it possible for you to understand what is happening from very early on in the process.

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